A 15-centimetre tall green glass vessel could date from the witch hunts of the 18th century when bottles were filled with fingernails, hair and urine possessing spell-stopping capabilities, according to archaeologists digging at a Grade II-listed Georgian building in Newark.

Evil spells were…


magictransistorClaude Paradin. Devises Héroïques. 1551.


Where do teachers go when the 3 p.m. bell rings?

When you’re a kid, you don’t really think they go anywhere. Except home, maybe, to grade papers and plan lessons and think up pop quizzes.

But of course teachers go off and do all sorts of things: They write books and run for office and start businesses and so much more.

Today we begin our new project, The Secret Lives of Teachers, to collect the stories of teachers’ lives after the students leave for the day.

Tell us about the Secret Lives of Teachers – share your own story or tell us about a teacher you know. You can tag your stories on social media with #secretteachers or drop an email to

Caption: For Mathias “Spider” Schergen, his Secret Life plays out in a one-car garage out back of his house in Southwest Chicago.

He turned it into a studio, a crowded place full of lumber and wood and paint and scrap metal and odd things like shoes and fabric. Stuff that he fashions into art.

Photo credit: Elissa Nadworny/NPR
Illustration credit: LA Johnson/NPR

omg yes

listening to my own music like listening to past me trying to tell current me it’ll be ok


Charles Vess, 1982. From Epic Comic-Art #8.

[hauk sven]


Charles Vess, 1982. From Epic Comic-Art #8.

[hauk sven]

Today I get to decide if I want to see a doctor for just my ADD meds or if I want to also see one for therapy. That is if I can get around to calling them.

I really don’t understand how anyone does anything