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imageZVŮK has launched its journey across Bratislava urbanism in September 2013. It was then that Jonáš Gruska, the head of the Slovak label LOM which gathers artists from various corners of experimental music, chose the spot under the bridge Apollo in the capital for his event. This year, it…



Ancient Greek vases with inscriptions that were once thought to be nonsense turn out to include the names of legendary Amazons, the famed warrior women.

In a forthcoming study of pottery dating to 500 B.C., study lead author Adrienne Mayor and J. Paul Getty Museum assistant curator David…

beat me up sometime im pretty into it



a nice person made this cardboard fort on campus and now i live in it

I need to make myself one of these…

sometimes i wish i were a hottie

I wanna make a music video that is as absurdly dramatic as this skit but you can’t tell if it’s serious or not